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Story Book

I Am Awesome
I Am Awesome

I Am Awesome is a whimsical picture book that will take you on a "feel good about yourself adventure". Self-esteem soars when you feel great about yourself. Read this unusual and exciting book, and explore your unique path to being awesome.

Tickle Tuesday
Tickle Tuesday

Every day is special.. Some are fun. Some are wacky. Some are cool. Some you go to school. but Tickle Tuesday is magical. Come along and you will see how fun Tickle Tuesday can be!

I Love How You Love Me

I Love How You Love Me is a heart-warming picture book with beautiful images of universal love for children. It's pages are filled with uplifting messages of unconditional love.

The text and illustrations show that people in a child's life will always be for them. It is about love that bonds and has no bounds.

I Love How You Love Me
cover65pg - Copy.jpg
Rap Rock & Rhyme Version

CinderElla is a fresh look at a classic fairy tale, adding a few twists and surprises . It is a story you will want to read over and over again. This creative reimagining is told through the characters rap, rock and rhyme narratives. It is a fun and funny retelling of a favorite childhood, and for many adults, fairy tale.

Little Star Be Who You Are
Little Star
Be Who You Are

Little Star Be Who You Are is a wonderful, imaginative. and creative children's story of a new star's journey to answer the question: "What is my life purpose?" Little Star is guided along the way by Moon, Sun, and Polaris. This Star Trio help Little Star discover how to make a difference. It is the first of many adventures for Little Star.

Little Star
The Wish

Little Star has become a Wish Star. In this second book of the Little Star series, Little Star is tasked with making a first wish come true. The wish is from a child on Earth and Little Star thinks it is impossible to make this wish come true. Will Little Star give up? How will Little Star make the impossible possible? Little Star, and the child, finds that magic comes when you believe.

Little Star The Wish
Sleeping Beauty
Rap Rock & Rhyme Version

Sleeping Beauty is a fairy tale first written over seven hundred years ago. Nearly every country in the world has its own version. Sleeping Beauty: Rap, Rock & Rhyme Version, a chapter book, is a new and captivating way of telling this old tale of a princess, who is awakened by a prince, after being put under a spell and sleeping for a hundred years. Our story is filled with surprising twists and turns. (Spoiler alert: There are thirteen fairies!) Oh, and it is written in verse! It is a cool, imaginative and impressive retelling of this classic fairy tale. Readers will love this fun, delightful and beautifully illustrated storybook.

Sleeping Beauty
The Mangadventures of Loveydovey and Sweetiepie

The Mangadventures of Loveydovey and Sweetiepie introduces the brother and sister duo as they discover their world, both real and make-believe. The reader is taken along on their adventures through the colorful (real) and black and white (manga) illustrations. This clever and endearing storybook is also a bridge to the wonderful world of manga for children.

The Mangadventures of Loveydovey and Sweetiepie
Little Star Have Heart

Little Star loves being a Wish Star but is upset. There are so many wishes and they never stop. It’s too much and Little Star doesn’t know what to do. Ask for help? Will the other Wish Stars think Little Star isn’t good enough to be a Wish Star? Wish on a star? What if Little Star wished on seven stars? Seven sister stars? Read what happens when the Pleiades help Little Star in this third book of the Little Star series.

Little Star Have Heart
Ms. Understood

Eleven women: Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, Mary Stuart, Catherine the Great, Marie Antoinette, Sybil Ludington, Sacajawea, Sojourner Truth, Marie Curie, Hedy Lemarr, and Ada Lovelace get their chance to "rewrite history" using the facts of their lives. Their unique stories are told in eleven clever and fun raps that "reright herstory" in this innovative and creative book.

Snow White and the
Seven Vertically
Challenged Persons

" It is said there are only six ways to tell a story but the one you are about to read can only be told one way, since it is mine to tell..." So begins the story of Snow White and the Seven Veritcally Challenged Persons. This modern storybook/play has several enlighting a-ha moments: the dress, the evil Step-mother Queen, the Magic Mirror, the Dwarves and more...much, much more.

LDSP_cover2 - half.jpg
The Mangadventures of Loveydovey and Sweetiepie Schooltime! #2

Sweetiepie is feeling excited but nervous on her first day of first grade. It's her first time to ride a bus. Her first time at a new school. Her first time meeting her teacher, new friends, and so many more "new" things. Luckily, she has Loveydovey to help her face her fears each time she encounters something "new". This story is written in a hybrid style of text [reality] and manga [imagined]. It will delight and captivate children everywhere!

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